In March the Swiss Masters were held in Klosters on the original courses of the 2017 World Cup. 

Masters World Cup 2017 in Klosters

  • For sporty seniors aged 30 to 100
  • For former top athletes, ambitious general and experienced hobby skiers
  • For skaters and classic skiers, short and long distance athletes, individual racers and teams 
From 2 – 11 March 2017 more than 1000 athletes from 30 different nations meet on the Klosters cross-country skiing trails.

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Founder members Martin Bettinaglio, Pipo Grass and Ruedi Schorro (v.l.) pose the first steering committee.

Klosters Nordic Association

A new association was founded in Klosters on 1 February 2016: Klosters-Nordic. Purpose of the association is the organisation and execution of future cross-country skiing and winter sports events. First big practical test: Nordic Masters World Cup in March 2017.
The member fee of CHF 10.00 is a solitary tax for locals and guests.

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Helping Hands Needed

Many many helping hands are needed for the Masters World Cup. The OC ‚Volunteers‘ aims to recruit as many volunteers from the region’s surroundings as possible. Preferences for helping sectors and days may be indicated!

Volunteers Flyer (662 KB)

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Jöri (Ressort Umwelt) und
Hubert (Logistik/Transport)

Ich helfe gerne mit weil....

… es eine Ehrensache ist: Als ehemaliger Leistungs-Langläufer und Sohn eines mehrfachen MWC-Teilnehmers und Podestläufers! (Jöri Schwärzel)

… der MWC 2017 gut zu Klosters passt. Bei einem so einmaligen Anlass muss man einfach dabei sein! (Hubert Schöpfer).

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